Monday, August 08, 2016

An Extraordinary Life

I have been consumed with thoughts of an extraordinary life lately. What makes an extraordinary life and how does one accomplish this huge task?

For a few years now I have been contemplating how to incorporate more magic into my life. I even wrote a young adult book about it which is now in the process of being illustrated and narrated. I am very proud of this book because it's the first book I have ever written but by no means does it make my life extraordinary.

I recently started watching Sherlock and of course started getting a nerd crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. I looked at his Wikipedia page and there was something on it about him saying he wanted to live an extraordinary life. For some reason it really hit me. Of course he does. Don't we all?

For the next few days I spent hours thinking about this term, "Extraordinary Life." I'm pretty sure it's a grown up way of saying you want more magic in your life. I'm not Harry Potter and I don't have a magic wand but there must be someway to incorporate this magic into our real lives. But the question I kept coming to is, what is my idea of extraordinary and how does it differ from others?

So in reality I know that Sherlock is a fictional character and Benedict (we are on a first name basis now) is just a normal actor with a wife and child. But what if his "extraordinary" is being a father and husband? Maybe it's all the charity work he does. Maybe it's the money he is making in order to support his family and his charities. Maybe it is not obvious and it's something only he and his wife know about. But the question that keeps tapping on my brain is, how do I find my extraordinary life? Am I living it right now and just not paying attention?

I find myself in this state of limbo where I am very happy with all of the things I have accomplished in life but also finding that I have soooooo many things I want to cross off my bucket list before I die. Perhaps my extraordinary life hasn't even begun?

So where do we start? Where do we start saying, "yes, this is extraordinary?" Many of the things I want to personally accomplish requires money. But as an artists, I don't care much for money. Money is fleeting but if it can bring experiences then maybe it's a key in unlocking this mysterious door of extraordinary. Perhaps it is creating. But I already do that with art, music and writing and I don't feel my life is all that special. When I asked my Mom what in her life was extraordinary, she said having my brother and I. She feels it's what we leave behind. We could leave behind an amazing child, an amazing creation or an amazing garden. But what if we are just average and we don't leave anything behind?

Even the most average person leaves behind something. Humans are social being so if you have ever talked to anyone, you have left something behind. Something you have said or done has changed another person even in it's smallest amount. Ultimately, I think the answer comes down to what makes us happy. Our lives are so short and if we can find some happiness and feel we did something good and worthwhile than I suppose that IS magic. That IS extraordinary. That IS life.

So those are my philosophical musings lately... Sometimes I'm deep. So deep man. Like really freakin' deep. Haha... Also someone please sprinkle some magic dust on Benedict so he will realize that I'm what he's missing in his extraordinary life. ;)

To all you extraordinary beings<3 p="">... Good night.
- Erica