Tuesday, August 03, 2010


When our worlds are full of computers and electronics, when do we take the time to be open to the physical energy of someone right in front of us?

Energy - smenergy... I know it sounds hippie-dippy but it's amazing how strong it is, when you are actually confronted with it. But I don't think most people are open to it. Especially when it comes from a stranger, who is possibly a bit... strange. I know personally, I am very guarded and wouldn't talk to some random person even if they were trying to tell me something important about my life. I have an agenda and I'm on my way somewhere. I usually don't want to speak to anyone. Especially if I'm by myself. It could be because I'm a female and am always protecting myself. Or it could be that I'm simply not open to what I could learn from others. Of course I am open with my close friends and family, but when a stranger confronts me, I am usually suspicious.

Why have we all become so suspicious of each other? Has the TV and internet made us so scared we can't even make eye contact with each other? We are all just molecules shaking and buzzing around. All made up of energy and each person you meet is affected by the energy your shaking molecules are giving off. It seems strange to me that talking and accepting a strangers' molecule vibrations would make us uneasy. You would think that because we are all made up of the same stuff we should all be connected almost as if we are family. But I think we are so removed from feeling anything physiological that we ignore, or choose to ignore, what others are trying to convey. It's safer and less distracting.

But for evolution reasons, wouldn't it be beneficial to try to connect more with each other? Wouldn't it be wise to always be learning from our peers? Isn't that what we learn in elementary school? Why do we become so closed off the older we get?

We are going to probably destroy our Earth sooner or later, and the only way we can survive as a race is to grow and learn. And if we can share the ideas instead of fighting over them we might just get there. Not sure where... But I imagine there will be unicorns and rainbows everywhere... Also it would rain skittles. Hahaha...

Anyway, I think I'm going to try to be less closed off and more open to growing. It probably won't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things but maybe I'll personally flounder less with my own life and goals... And less floundering is always good, unless you really like fish...