Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only read if you are drunk because I swear it's more funny...

I don't want to sound like too much of a girl, but really... WTF??? If you are a girl you know what I mean... I don't even have to explain. Haha...

So I've had a pretty good night... Practice, wine, friends and garlic bread. You can never go wrong with garlic bread or friends.

I've been using Twitter so much lately that I don't even know if I can write a whole entry!! I think I've got ADD now.

How about I just write you this very stimulating song lyrics:

The sun is so strong
Like a great game of ping pong
Don't forget the other drinking game
Shooting ping pong balls is not lame

Forever young (oh shit... I think I stole that from Rod Stewart)

I swear I'm not bitter
and I never litter
But I'm feeling annoyed
Like an out-of-space android

Forever young???? (hahahaha...)

The lame guy needs to go
Like one of those walking yo-yos
And while I make love to my drink
I realize you are not the link

Forever young... ( I totally sing this in my head every time I type it...)

Soul Train put it in perspective
Like a class you don't need, an elective
I am sick of thinking of you
because you are a big fat pooh...

Hahaha... Just how many brain cells did you lose reading that???



M@ said...

If you're drunk or stoned... check.

i'll comment even tho ur not talking to me but i can relate abt the add and micro communiques.... lol.

Jay said...

I'm gonna print out that song and pretend you wrote it only for me. ;-)

Phronk said...

I thought it was more funny even though I'm not drunk, but maybe that says something about my default state of mind.

Erica AP said...

m@: Stop using big words... They scare me.

Jay: I don't think you want me to have written it about you because reading it back now, I see there is a bit of man hating in it. Haha...

Phronk: You are too nice, but really I just read it and it's not that funny... I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even be funny to someone else if they were drunk. Next time I'll try harder. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Bob Dylan wrote "Forever Young."