Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lovely Spots

So I think I've decided long ago that I love San Diego and I believe I've expressed it but I think it's about time for me to talk about those places that really hold a special place in my heart.

First off I'll talk about Little Italy which is on the out skirts of downtown. I have to talk about this first because it's where I work and spend almost every lunch break, which I just got back from today... So, the day often will start out cloudy but by 11am it's sunny and warm and I can't wait to get outside. Now, most people know Little Italy because of India Street where there are tons of great Italian restaurants, but I go for other reasons. I used to go across the street and sit at this wonderful little fountain with mosaic tiles and sparkly cement but I've often found it a bit to busy for me. So I often take a walk to explore and be by myself. One day I walked a couple of blocks away from my work and happened to come across this absolutely beautiful park. It's all very light cement with an amphitheatre like setting with a gazebo where you can sit in partial shade. It then leads up to these sand pits where all the old Italian guys play Bocce and then leads up to an actual enclosed park were you can find tons of kids playing on a field or a play ground. The best part about this place is that it's almost always virtually empty and always clean. I love sitting at these concrete tables which are permanent figures there, where I can look over at the beautiful Italian church and take in all the vegetation and the sun. I truly feel at peace here. Not only is this park wonderful, the walk to and from is soooo nice. Again, it is always clean and there are these little houses, each of them different, tucked in between the bigger buildings, which gives Little Italy such character and warmth. I feel like I could live in many of the house or apartments around this area. It almost feels like home.

The next place I love in San Diego is Point Loma. But I'd have to say I'm a bit bias because that's where I live now. Most people think of the bay area and the touristy part of Point Loma, and although they do have a few good restaurants, I love the real people part. I actually live closer to Ocean Beach right next to the slough (which is where fresh water and salt water meet). OB is pretty cool, but Point Loma has just the right amount of mixture between beach life and real life. It's about a mile or so from the beach but less than a mile from Target and regular fast food places. I love Target and all but the real reason I love where I live is my apartment. My apartment is located at a dead end street in a nice neighborhood and over looks the slough. Every morning before I take my dogs out I open the blinds to a window which takes up a whole wall and I get to view such beauty I still can't get over it sometimes and I've been living there for almost 2 years. Everything is always green and there are flowers all year round. I will often see white cranes flying around unaware that they live in a city and not in the wilderness somewhere. It is so peaceful that sometimes I eat my breakfast in silence and just look outside.

There are many other place that I love in San Diego but my fingers are tired of typing, and I have yet to experience these places they way I have Little Italy and Point Loma. Overall, I love San Diego and still can't get over how I live in a vacation destination. I have no complaints and I don't want to leave. I'm sure I'll move someday but for now I'm loving the weather, sun and character of this place.

SD girl,


Gregg O'Connell said...

you only love SD b/c of me and uncle herbie...:)

Erica Putis said...

I guess you're right... You were always right... Right. Haha...

*Bridget Cashman* said...

I am soOoOooo jealous, I want to be in San Diego!!! :)

Erica Putis said...

Come to SD then!! At least visit!!