Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March already??

So, I haven't written in a while, but because I found out my best friend from highschool goes to my website every day... I should write. Meggie you rock.

I'm quite happy at the moment. I live in a nice warm place and granted I can't pay all of my bills things are still superb. I'm relaxed and disgustingly happy. Haha... I happened to meet someone who compleatly caught me off guard. Which is proving to be pretty wonderful. I'll just leave it at that.

You know what it wonderful? Sleep and caffiene. I love when I get a great night of sleep and am totally motivated about all the things I'm going to do in life. Not that I always carry through with them, but it's pretty fun to get excited about them. And caffiene is wonderful because, if you don't drink it often, when you drink it, it's like you had a couple of Sparks. (Sparks are caffiene drink-drinks in case you didn't know) And who doesn't want to feel a little buzzed at work? I notice so much more and I'm so happy and well... buzzed... haha. I've actually gotten in to a routine of when I have a half cup of coffee (filled with tons of sugar and cream) I start emailing the weirdest things to people. Mostly just random thoughts... "Random Thought - By Erica Putis" That's what I call it - even though I stole it from SNL. I'm my mind I always say it in Jack Handys voice... haha... Sigh... for SNL.

So when are you guys from New England going to come and visit me? I miss you all so much and want you to know you are always welcomed to come stay with me. Don't forget that it is sunny and about 70 degrees here right now... So it would really be worth it... :)

Well, I must go back to the exciting world of receptioning.

Take care all my lovely dumplings,



philwashington14736494 said...
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Meggie said...

Ewwww, Erica. Someone's trying to give you free porn. That's filthy. I need your cell phone # again; my cell phone is dead, baby, dead. I'm so filled with happiness that you sound happy! I want to call you. Email me with your number, punkin. I'm wearing a skirt today. To work. Can you believe it? It's kind of short, too. Ewwww. Wretched. Loooooove you! Meggie