Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Drunk talk

So I've gotten some slack about writting in this thing only when I'm drinking, but I was just reading joys website and she writes about drinking and all the good stuff that goes with it often and it seems just fine to me. Who cares if I don't take this blog thing sooo serously that I can only write in it when I have something profound to say. I basically never have anything profound to say and what better time to write non-profound things is when you are drunk? It may sound as though I might be a little tipsy right now by the way I'm defending the drunken blog writting, but unfortunatly I'm not. I'm sober as can be and loving being like Gregg. Haha...

So to all my sober and non-sober readers - feel free to leave drunken or non-drunken comments... :) I love them all!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok now you're just getting vicious!


please don't insult me like that again. it hurts me something awful. my ego is fragile, as you well know.

and i'm not the one from vermont, miss sunshine.