Monday, October 24, 2005

You really care!!!!

This goes out to all the peeps who actually want me to write in this thing...

Not much happening in my life so I think I'll write about someone you all probably know and admire:

Yes, the one and only has been making some pretty crazy videos lately which are filled with dancing, gayness, and nastyness. Unfortunatly I have been recruted to film these things. Disturbing wiggling bellies and ass cracks are all apart of the process but Gregg has now added a new element: a new, very white and hairless chest. Yesterday he goes into the bathroom and comes out a half hour later all proud to show me. But in his excitement he happened to miss about half of it... Haha... I figured I'd let him know about his patchy chest. I didn't want him to be hanging out with a girl and have her find that... So last night he wants to do another video of him as a mullet wearing white trash and needs to show of his hairless nipples... Haha... Still nasty but still very funny. And you can download it on his website... Along with his 80's gay dancing video that he is ever so proud of...

Go Gregg O'Connell. You are my hairless idol.

Thanks to all who read and want me to write. You guys are great too.

So long, lovely little dumplings,


Gregg O'Connell said...

you love dumplings! haha

Anonymous said...

It's about time. We want more! Less about the hairless wonder...more about our favorite rockstar, Erica!