Saturday, May 21, 2005

you take the good you take the bad the facts of life...the facts of life.

I'm in love like GO... No just kidding, but I am happy and sad and werided out by lots of stuff and a bit too drunk. I think I may like being drunk a bit too much. My drummer left, I have no money and my dad died. Nothing else new. I'm just trying to be as cool as everyone else who has a bolg, feeling like I'm a god and people worshiping every word I say. Everyone only wishes they were as cool as me. I just want to thank anyone if they happened to do something nice for me or send me a card or money because my dad died. I really appreciate it and I don't know what else to say... I love warm nights, a full moon and palm trees... So beautiful. Someone said I had beautiful eyes tonight... And he wasn't trying to sleep with me (he's gay) I guess he didn't see all the fine lines and bags I'm starting to see. I think I should eat something...

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Gregg O'Connell said...

you're such a flirt!!!

my blog is the bloggiest!!!